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CSGO: DreamHack Open Lower Semi-Finals (Closed Qualifier)

Mary C

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747 LIVE CSGO: DreamHack Open Lower Semi-Finals

DreamHack Open Lower Semi-Finals (Closed Qualifier)


Skade vs Forze 


In the first match yesterday with Skade vs Sinners, Skade managed to stomp Sinners in a lavish style, and it wasn't even a close game.  

Skade hoped that their momentum will continue against their match with MadLions, but they fell in their DEN.  MadLions stomped Skade, thus sending them to the lower bracket.  

Meanwhile, Forze's match yesterday was incredible to watch. It was a roller coaster going back and forth that even casters couldn't predict who would win the game. But eventually Forze came out on top and finished the game beautifully in a 2-0 series. 


Sinners Vs GamerLegion 


Sinner performed well yesterday in a match against Entropiq. 

With their in-game leader Oskar leading the kills (53), highest in the match, they won 2-0 in a Bo3 match, and boy it was a close game. But Oskar managed to show us his skill with Deagle (4 kills in the initial frags), leading his team to victory.  

On the other hand, GamerLegion fell to their opponent Fnatic. It was a brutal fight, and they played out all the 3 maps.  Final score was (2-1) in favor of Fnatic. They gave a good fight in the 2nd map but did not have enough confidence in the decider map.  


Later tonight, they will prove to us as one of these teams will be eliminated from the tournament. 


Catch these matches at 7:30 PM (GMT +8)

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