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DreamHack Open 2021 Closed Qualifier

Mary C

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DreamHack Open Closed Qualifier is a series tournament for teams from Europe and Oceania. The European teams will play for today's matches and will be represented by eight teams. Six of them will will be given direct invites, while the other two will be chosen through closed qualifiers.

Check out the game schedules for today's DreamHack Open 2021 Closed Qualifiers. All four matches will begin simultaneously at 7:30 PM (GMT +8).

747 LIVE DreamHack Open 2021 Closed Qualifier

Read ahead to know which teams will compete against each other.


Gamer Legion vs Forze 

Gamer Legion will battle it out with Forze in the opening round of DreamHack Open. 

Gamer Legion has not been consistent lately as they are having a hard time adjusting to their new roster. Their communication and team play in their last match against Fnatic were absolutely disappointing. 

No one in their team performed well. They all choke. Indeed, when you cannot communicate properly, everything will fall apart as CSGO is a fast-paced game. You check on every angle; you pray on good timing and perfect aims. 


But Gamer Legion hasn't found their team chemistry yet. We hope they had time to practice before coming in to Dreamhack 2021 Closed Qualifier. 


On the other hand, Forze is on a 3-match hot streak. They will look forward to keep it up as for them, their enemy (Gamer Legion) in their last 8 head-to-head matches has never won against them. 


Forze will keep their head high and will likely to win this game easily. 


Fnatic Vs Eternal Fire 


Of all the 4 starting matches today, this might be the most exciting one as Fnatic battles it out with Eternal Fire. 

Fnatic has been amazing with their new addition of Smooya and Alex. They won 8 out of 11 matches played and holds a 72%-win rate in just 1 week. They have also knocked out the famous Funplus Phoenix and Team Complexity in a 2-0 brawl. We can see that Fnatic just keeps getting better and better. 

On the other hand, Eternal Fire, a Turkish formed team, led by non-other than the CSGO infamous XANTARES PEEK. It means Xantares can kill you instantly in the quick peek that he does. But, in their recent matches, winning only 1 out of 8 matches, they have not been performing well. But to be fair, it was mostly a very close fight.  

We hope to see both teams perform and give us a good fight! 



Entropiq vs Mad Lions 


Entropiq is a Czech professional Esports organization. The groups are formed from x-players of CIS teams. Entropiq has been rising consistently in 2021. They placed 3rd in the IEM CIS FALL and defeated Virtus Pro, who are arguably one of the best CIS teams, in a 2-1 close battle. They won 10 out of 16 in their recent matches and have played incredibly with a lot of highlights. 

We shall expect them to come out strong in the tournament, and their opponents, Mad Lions, are a Spanish professional Esport organization. 

Composed of 4 different nationalities in the team, they sure as hell know how to communicate properly as they have a 6-match win streak before falling to the North America Titan, Team Liquid.  

One of their best performances was when they defeated G2, a top #7 team in the world. 

G2 owned them in map 1 where they were stomped (16-4). They finish the game in map 2 and map 3; all of which under went to an overtime. 

Mad lions reversed sweep G2 in a close brawl where the final scores were Map 2 (19-16) and Map 3 (19-17). 

We shall see who will emerge victorious as both of these teams are equal in terms of skills. 



Skade vs Sinners 


Bulgaria vs Czechs. Both teams have been performing horribly in the 2021 tournaments. 

Skade are on a 4th losing streak in the past 2 weeks of playing while Sinners have won 2 out of 5 matches; 2 of which showed their bad performance. 

Both teams have a lot in common, but communication is not the issue here since both teams are composed of only 1 nationality. 

We are yet to see what these teams can bring into the table of DreamHack Open. 

Both teams are invited to the tournament, and they will not get many opportunities like this in the future. 

So, will they play their best, or will they disappoint their fans? 



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