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ESL Pro League XVI Quarterfinals Mouz vs Team Liquid

Mary C

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We cannot overstate the historical significance of the 16th ESL Pro League Season for the global community. The champion title is more significant than an $823 000  prize pool (by CS:GO standards). The tournament's system is distinctive, particularly in terms of its length. The participating teams will protect their organization's flags during the month. There are 24 teams competing in the competition, broken up into four groups of 6 teams. A spot in the quarterfinals will go to the group's winning squad. The teams who finished second and third advance to the first round of the playoffs while the other teams are eliminated. 


Every player in a group will encounter every other player for group points during group stage matches, which will be conducted in a BHO3 format. A BO3 format will be used for the playoffs, with a BO5 format for the grand final. 


Despite finishing last in the group, Liquid made it through the opening round and was prepared for combat. As for MOUZ, they waited long enough for their opponents. We'll quickly learn whether the team benefited from such a long break. The two teams will face each other in the quarterfinals tonight, Sep 29 at 9:30 PM Philippine Standard Time. 


Last year, the MOUZ squad altered its starting lineup frequently—almost after every competition. Bymas' turn came next, and he was also substituted by the player from the academy. Bringing players into the core appears reasonable given that the MOUZ academy roster is excellent and has long been rated higher than the main roster. We can certainly discuss a completely functional and well-run academy, but we cannot discuss the consistency of the main roster. 


MOUZ is performing remarkably well in this competition. The group enjoys playing together and is concentrated on the outcome. They picked up four victories during the group stage to demonstrate to all teams that they will not give up easily. They are currently ranked eighth in this competition. MOUZ is as driven as they come, yet they need experience just as much. The lone member of the team with sufficient expertise to execute at this level is immobilized. 


The European team will have a slight edge in the map pool over the Liquid. Mirage is the most powerful card and the only overpass card in the MOUZ stats without loses. 


Like numerous organizations, Liquid completely changed its lineup towards the end of the previous year. They performed admirably and positioned their game as the dominant one on the local scene. Competing European CS, meanwhile, didn't immediately pay off for them. The club decided to change the current coach after a string of losses and the discovery of a significant lag in the European market. The new coach would have a different game vision than Liquid's typical "run-and-gun" approach. And now that daps is the team's new coach, things are starting to turn around. 


They played with confidence on the Players Break field in one of the BLAST series tournaments against higher caliber teams, and now they are in the EPL playoffs. 


Liquid isn't extremely confident going into this event. They miraculously defeated the favorites Cloud9 to go to the playoffs. However, a needless defeat to Eternal Fire nearly ended their prospects of progressing. The majority of the players' individual skills should be beyond question although oSee has shown himself to be an erratic player recently. However, although oSee didn't finish the game, his teammates stepped in, indicating strong teamwork. YEKINDAR, who developed excellent form and won multiple matches for his side on his own, is also noteworthy. 


The Liquid has the edge of experience when compared to MOUZ, which will probably be the deciding element in this match. Additionally, there is a ton of MOUZ content available, unlike the group stage. 


The introduction of Damian daps Steele as head coach was the most recent lineup adjustment. For more than two months, Mareks YEKINDAR Gainskis has served as a stand-in for the group.

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