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The International Last Chance Qualifier

Mary C

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The last competition prior to The International 2022 is the Dota 2 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) 2022. (TI11). The Dota 2 TI11 Regional Qualifiers or the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) standings are no longer used as a means of qualifying teams; therefore, the LCQ provides them with an additional chance to contend for the coveted Aegis of Champions. 


The teams participating in The International 11 will be joined by the teams finishing first and second in the LCQ. Prior to the TI11 Group Stages, the competition takes place in the SunTec Stadium in Singapore from October 8–12, 2022. The TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers 2022 are covered in full here, along with information on how to watch, the schedule, the structure, the participating teams, and more. 


How to watch the TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers 2022? 


PGL's official Dota 2 Twitch channel will most likely broadcast the Dota 2 TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers for The International 2022. The matches will also probably be streamed live on the tournament's official YouTube channel. 


Fans at 747 Live may always watch games live from the video feature of the Dota 2 game panel on the website in addition to watching the live stream on the official Twitch channel. 


From October 8 to October 12, 2022, the Dota 2 Last Chance Qualifiers 2022 will take place. All games in the TI11 LCQ will be fought in a BO3 tournament with double-elimination rounds. The Grand Finals games, which are conducted as a BO5, are the sole exemption. All games will be performed using Dota 2 patch 7.32b. 


The top two teams (i.e., the teams ranking first and second) in the Dota 2 TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers 2022 will qualify for The International 11 competition rather than a cash prize. The rest of the teams will not move on and will forfeit their final opportunity to compete at TI11. 


The teams that finish second and third in each DPC region's regional qualifiers will make up the twelve teams that will battle in the last-chance qualifiers. The following list includes every team taking part in the Dota 2 TI11 Last Chance Qualifiers 2022: 


  • Nouns (North America) 

  • Wildcard Gaming (North America) 

  • Infamous (South America) 

  • Tempest (South America) 

  • Team Secret (Europe West) 

  • Team Liquid (Europe West) 

  • Outsiders (Europe East) 

  • Natus Vincere (Europe East) 

  • Xtreme Gaming (China) 

  • Vici Gaming (China) 

  • Polaris Esports (Southeast Asia) 

  • T1 (Southeast Asia) 

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