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Dota2 The International 10: Grand Finals

Mary C

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747 LIVE Dota2 The International 10: Grand Finals


The final series of Dota 2 TI 10 is underway, following what has been perhaps the most competitive main stage. 


The semifinal matchup between Team Secret and Team Spirit was equally tense with quick turnarounds and unthinkable outplays. Team Spirit, on the other hand, won the series in decisive fashion after an overpowering third game. Now it's their turn to play PSG.LGD, the unbeaten favorites, in the grand finals. 


When TI 10 began, PSG.LGD was the odds-on favorite to win the Aegis. So far, the Chinese DPC's top team has upheld their status admirably. PSG.LGD did not lose a single series throughout the group stage or the main tournament. 


Furthermore, their form appears to have improved even more as they have gotten closer to the Aegis. PSG.LGD absolutely outsmarted the tightest Team Secret roster in years in the upper bracket finals. While Ludwig "zai" Whlberg and Clement "Puppey" Ivanov succumbed to the pressure, PSG.LGD's Ame maintained his cool and won both games without dying. 


On the other side, Team Spirit's recent success is unrivaled. They've had a near-perfect lower bracket run, coming in second only to Team Liquid at TI 2017. Yatoro, Team Spirit's carry, now has an unbeatable record of three rampages in TI whether their young, energetic, and simply wild style of play will be enough to dethrone PSG or not. 


Going into the finals, the only certainty is how well PSG.LGD will fare against 'the one true TS.' PSG.LGD is noted for their precision and impeccable gameplay. Dota 2 swings at this high level of the top competition on the tiniest of mistakes, which PSG.LGD rarely makes. 


Statistically, PSG.LGD holds a huge advantage. The two teams have played each other in 12 individual games of Dota 2, out of which PSG.LGD have won 9. 


Our best and most exciting match has yet to come! 


Who will take the crown? 


PSG.LGD or Tspirit? 

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