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⚠️ 747 - Downtime October 21

747 Live

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Hello everybody,

I know that you are suffering for this downtime that we are experiencing on 747.

We are frustrated as well for not being able to offer the same service that we are used to and we are working hard to restore the agent system as it was before.

The technical specialists are not able to give us an exact time when the system will be fully restored.

Please note that 

1. All the accrued commission will be paid.

2. Players balance is safe and you can still withdraw/deposit at any time.  In case of a big number of transactions, we just ask you to be patient in order to be able to satisfy everybody.

3. Agent balance cannot be withdrawn/deposited at this time until the technical issue is resolved.

4. The downtime seems to be caused by one of our competitors that run out of options to take us down.

5. We will be back soon and patient people and agents who have waited for us, will be rewarded for this time

6. 747, the admin, the staff are here, on your side, as always and your money is safe, as it always has been.


Please be patient, we support you and at this time we ask you to support us too.




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2 hours ago, NyokNYok said:

Why would you have such a hard time fixing a website that has so simple function? i mean its not the main site 
that has a lot of feature can you tell us whats really happening here?
is this domain issue? or legal issues?

Just wondering why it takes so long to fix the issue.Just now the agent site was okay for a short time.And all of suddenly back to error again.Pls try to fix it back ASAP.

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Hello everyone! The issue was fixed, it took long time because as soon as we started the server, a massive attack started again.

We used the most advanced technologies and finally it passed, with some luck too.

i really want to thank you for your patience and the great messages of support you have sent 😍

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