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The International 11: North America Qualifier Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Mary C

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The International 11: North America Qualifier Upper Bracket Quarterfinals


Two direct invites to International 11 are notably noteworthy for the North American arena (TI 11). It happens at the TI11 NA Regional Qualifiers although TeamSoloMid and Evil Geniuses already have their flight tickets to Singapore. 


Due to the abundance of potential opponents, it appears that NA frequently becomes the weakest area although the circumstance has improved in the DPC (2021-22). After working in the industry for about two years without sufficient facilities, Soniqs may now properly display their ability on a large scale. 


They intend to make a significant impact after winning their ticket after moving on from the Regionals. 

The Quincy Crew alumnus Soniqs is unquestionably the top team to have competed for the TI11 IQI within the last 8 years. They frequently challenge TSM and EG; therefore, Soniqs' position in the TI11 NA Regional Qualifiers appears straightforward. 

They face Felt for the first time in Division 1, who is sixth in the DPC tour 3 and poses little challenge. The latest gathering of Soniqs' original members confirms their win, and their lineup is robust. 

It looks like Soniqs is not surrendering a match until almost the Upper Bracket championship match. The possibility of Nouns being the new challenger looks remote. 



We are far more well-known than this, so we aren't going to be able to make the championship team. Alpha has recently become a mainstay of Division 2, where they have also recently secured first seeds, but they don't have a particularly strong stack. The crowd actually experienced this as an exaggerated sweep over the scoreboard. As a result, 5RATFORCESTAFF is having a lot of issues competing with the rising stars. 

The Division 2 team KBU.US's smack in the US Twenty22 NA qualifying, on the contrary, may prevent 5RATFORCESTAFF from winning. The latter does have a well-known pub star on its team, and 5RATFORCESTAFF is so terrified of them that their abilities are subpar. 

In light of this, we may anticipate that the 5RATFORCESTAFF will adjust the tempo as needed. A young mid-laner named Francis Kitzz Arriola is known for playing aggressive heroes like the NA superstar Syed SumaiL Hassan. Neither team should be taken into consideration for the tournament. 



Samuel Sammyboy Anderson plays for Wildcard Gaming, one of the more recognized big players in NA history. The gamer is capable of selecting the shots straight away despite his lackluster performance in the NA region. The fact that the team has improved since last year may be another edge Wildcard enjoys. 

It should go without mentioning that the aforementioned has no hope against the Cut. Simply put, Wildcard appears to be the more knowledgeable contender; thus, it wouldn't be unexpected to predict a win from Wildcard. 



Last but not least, we were inspired by the game featuring Nouns and KBU.US. Nouns is undeniably more credible and knowledgeable, particularly among 4 Zoomers supporters. TSM, EG, and Quincy Crew were third in the NA league. Due to recent sponsorship, Nouns has developed into a viable team, allowing them to invest their money elsewhere. 

Given that Danny iAnnihilate and Cote are among its players, KBU.US is not a team to be trifled with. The seasoned athlete, who has played for multiple teams throughout his career, is a force to be reckoned with. iAnnihilate, a mid-player, employs standard mid-picks from the current meta, like Puck and Storm Spirit. As a result, KBU.US has the potential to be a strong team that can win a battle when given the chance. 

Although it doesn't appear like Nouns are a group that consistently makes errors, you may still defend it if you take it seriously. 

Yes, the absence of players with prominent profiles causes us to frequently have a hostile perception toward the TI11 North American Regional Qualifying. It is clear that there are no armed forces to represent the preceding groups, such as Soniqs, TeamSoloMid, and nouns, despite their recent purchases. 

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