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The International 11: CHINA Qualifier Upper Bracket Quarterfinals

Mary C

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The Chinese contenders in DPC (2021–22) have had a difficult year as numerous notable major players compete in the International 11 China regional qualifiers.

Only two Chinese teams, PSG.LGD and Team Aster, received direct invites to TI11 exclusively. The number of Chinese direct invitations is decreased from prior seasons when there were three or more.


RNG, which genuinely lives up to its moniker, is the closest team on the list to have ever received a direct invitation to TI11. Due to the presence of 3 PSG.LGD players, several supporters even believed RNG to be the former team in disguise. The strength for RNG entering into the International 11 China regional qualifiers is notable Lu "Somnus" Yao.

RNG remains a better rival than Ybb Gaming, despite not having been in their finest form lately at PGL Arlington Major. Ybb is one of the latest teams to enter the Division 1 bracket, despite having had a successful start.

They therefore probably won't present a significant danger to experienced players from RNG.



Another contender that has suffered since the beginning of DPC is VG. With a completely new lineup, VG found it difficult to fight with well-known opponents like PSG.LGD, Team Aster, and even EHOME.

Even though VG is currently having trouble competing with Division 1's average prospects, they were unable to hold their own against Aster.Aries. Since AA already defeated VG in Division 1 of the last Tour, we may at most presume AA has a strategy in place to completely dominate VG once more.

For example, offensive output and endurance are key components of AA's team fighting expertise. This allows AA to change the course of a team combat that the adversary started.



In the third DPC China Tour, EHOME is still commonly considered as a growing talent. They had many of up-and-comers who competed favorably with numerous major players. Whether it was a coincidence or not, EHOME had a history of beating PSG.LGD in the previous Tour; therefore, they are now seen of as mainstays in Division 1.

This might be a winning formula versus skilled teams that normally withstand the midgame snowballs if EHOME fine-tunes their lethal attacks from team fight-oriented picks. In any case, CDEC is a less enticing rival for EHOME.

Although CDEC consists primarily of rookies, we must be careful of their outstanding Division 2 results. The group secured a spot in Division 1 for the upcoming DPC season by rapidly rising to the division leaders. EHOME should exercise caution heading into this matchup because CDEC, the newcomer to town, probably has several surprises up its sleeve.



Possibly the most difficult contest in the regional qualifications for International 11 China. IG was formerly praised for finishing second in TI10, but its performance dropped in the most recent DPC. Even so, IG has too many accomplishments to ever be regarded as an underdog.

We may anticipate IG to be a legitimate threat to its rival, Xtreme as they have acquired the superstar support player, Xu "fy" Linsen. Similar to RNG, Xtreme features numerous members of team VG, who used to regularly participate in the International tournament.

Xtreme, one of the 4 competitors who must place in the majors, dropped from the Arlington Major, most probably because they were aware that they would not receive sufficient DPC points in any case. As a result, they are undoubtedly gathering potent tactics as the TI11 China Regional Qualifiers approach.

The hardest region to enter for TI as well as any major, for that regard, is the TI11 China Regional Qualifiers. Luckily, two runners-up will also participate in Last Chance qualifiers in addition to the qualified winner.

We might yet then see the regular four Chinese teams at the International 11 if the Chinese teams remain true to their potential.


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