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Dota2 The International 10: Lower Bracket R3

Mary C

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747 LIVE Dota2 The International 10: Lower Bracket R3

Team Spirit vs OG (Live at 3:00 PM PST) 

Spirit defeated Invictus Gaming in the first round of the Upper Bracket, taking one map from the Chinese giants, the Singapore Major champion. Although no miracle occurred, the Russian team has already defeated Fnatic (2-0) in the Lower Bracket, demonstrating that they will not conclude this TI10 early. 

The famous back-to-back champions are going to continue its glorious march for 3peat through the lower bracket after losing in the upper bracket, when OG were defeated by the Secret team (0-2). The OG team was defeated by PUPPEY's smart draft.  The drafts on both maps were questionable, particularly on the second, where topson played hoodwink in the mid lane and it appeared to be a failed experiment. 


OG's match vs Quincy Crew was a heartbreaking match as YawaR in Quincy Crew called "GG GL LIL BRO". OG's heart melted even if they won the match, especially when the message was intended for his little brother, Sumail. OG squad knocked the North Americans out of the tournament, winning 2-0. But with the Team Spirit, it will be more challenging to do so. They've been incredibly consistent recently and let's hope to see a good match later at 3pm.


T1 vs Vici Gaming (Live at 6:30 PM PST) 

SEA Dota 2 squad T1 will have another shot today in their TI10 journey in the lower bracket after stomping and sending European squad Alliance to the airport. 


T1 has clinched a spot in the top eight, ensuring a prize pool of at least $1,000,500 (about P50 million). 


T1 had a somewhat faster-paced game, winning early game engages in Game 1 to win in 37 minutes. On hits carry Wraith King, Pinoy midlaner Karl "Karl" Baldovino finished the game with a 13/3/7 KDA, while carry 23Savage one-shotted the EU squad's supports. His KDA was 13/1/8 at the end of Game 1. 


Karl dominated Game 2 with his Ember Spirit, wiping out Alliance's backline. With an 18/2/18 KD, he ended the game. 

In the series against EG, VG used a similar approach, playing slowly and not panicking when EG established an early lead. Instead, they concentrated on using their players talents and abilities to farm and counter the ganks and executions made by EG. 


VG have such a strong lane presence that it gave VG some breathing room and prevented EG from fully committing to pushes at favorable opportunity because EG was leading early in the game. It didn't matter if Arteezy was using his Troll Warlord or Abed was using his Storm Spirit. After 24 minutes, VG gained command and never looked back. 

T1 vs Vici Gaming will be an exciting match to watch. 






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