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Dota2 The International 10: Upper Bracket Quarter Finals

Mary C

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747 live Dota2 The International 10: Upper Bracket  Quarter Finals Invictus Gaming vs Team Secret


Invictus Gaming vs Team Secret (Live at 8:00 PM PST)

Team Secret has had a strong showing at The International 10, finishing second in the group stage and defeating two-time defending champion OG in the main stage's opening round. They have a distinct style, strong individual players, and the ability to hold their own against any top competition. 

Puppey, MATUMBAMAN, and their teammates will face another challenge when they face Chinese juggernaut, Invictus Gaming, now that they are one step closer to raising the Aegis of Champions for the first time under Secret's banner. 

IG won the group stage but suffered in the first round of the main event against the underdogs of Team Spirit, losing the first game before winning 2-1 and advancing on. 

Secret is a team that might cause them major problems because they are one of the most versatile teams in the world. They have a great early game that tends to overpower inferior opponents. Puppey's team might potentially take IG apart if they can't manage their aggressive tendencies as they punish players who overextend brutally. 


Secret is significantly more stable than IG despite its difficulty. They are a team that places a high value on goals and frequently relies on individual player’s abilities to move the game in their favor before launching a concerted attack. 

So don't miss out later, and don’t forget to bet at 747.live because whoever wins this matchup secures $2,401,100. 

So, who will it be? Let’s find out together later, and bet at 747 live.


747 live Dota2 The International 10: Upper Bracket  Quarter Finals PSG.LGD vs Virtus Pro

PSG.LGD vs Virtus Pro (Live Oct 15 at 12:30 AM PST)


PSG and Virtus.pro LGD advanced to Round 2 of the upper bracket at The International 10 in Bucharest, Romania after a hard-fought victory on Wednesday. 

To defeat Vici Gaming, Virtus.pro had to come back from a map deficit. To progress to Thursday's match versus VP, PSG.LGD overcame T1 in three maps. 

PSG.LGD is the favorite here to win because they have shown us just how powerful they are as a team and also as an individual player with different unique talents. 


Unlike other teams who solely focus on letting their carry and mid role farm and wait for them to be 3 slotted or 4 slotted to join the clash, LGD's individual player can each make their own plays, not relying on their core players. They create space for each other. When it comes to team fight, they'll be all present and ready to execute their opponents. 

Meanwhile, Virtus Pro's playstyle revolves around on how GPK can execute and create space for Nightfall to utilize their camp. 

GPK's hero pool are of those heroes that do not really need farm but solely focusing on seizing their opponents. 

We love to see their matchup later as this will be a hell of a brawl later at 12:00 midnight PST. 

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