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Dota2 The International 10: Lower Bracket R2 Oct 14

Mary C

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 747 LIVE Oct 14 Dota2 The International 10: Lower Bracket R2

T1 vs Alliance  (Live at 3 PM PST)


T1 was unable to build on their spectacular victory in Game Two, falling to title favorites. PSG. LGD won 1-2 in three games in the International 10's top bracket on Wednesday night. 

T1 fought well but fell to PSG.LGD. They gave PSG.LGD a hard time to earn their win. Even the casters said after the game during an interview that only T1 gave PSG.LGD a challenging game throughout the event! 

Kudos to the SEA Region for giving us a good show, and they still have a chance later against Alliance. 

This will be their last chance in the main stage. 

On the other hand, Alliance has also given us a good time watching their match against Beastcoast. 

Alliance came out fire right away, taking down K1's Sven well before he became a threat and then rolling over Beastcoast for a solid 25 minutes, surviving a perilous late-game push to bring the game to a close. 

We shall see if Alliance can continue their momentum from Beastcoast's  game or if T1 will dominate them since from their last head-to-head matches, Alliance never won a match against them. 


Place your bets on the Prematch before the game goes live so you won't miss it!




Vici Gaming fought well yesterday in the main stage against Virtus Pro. 

They won game 1 but got reversed sweep by VP (1-2). 

In the first game of the BO3, Virtus.Pro had a minor issue. Vici Gaming used stunning Reverse Polarities and Tiny's devastating damage to thoroughly overwhelm the Russian team. 

The second encounter, on the other hand, presented an entirely different scenario, and Vici was forced to raise the white flag. Virtus had an easy time in the championship match. Gpk zipped throughout the game on his Storm Spirit. Vici dropped out of the game due to a lack of solutions, and hopefully later they will prove us what it takes to be one of the Chinese titan teams. 

On the other hand, Evil Geniuses, are the favorites to win here. 

Evil Geniuses stomped Elephant to progress to the second round of The International 10 lower bracket on Wednesday, captained by Abed "Abed" Yusop. 

In the Evil Geniuses' 41-13 thrashing of the Chinese team led by veterans Lu "SomnusM" Yao (Storm Spirit) and Xu "fy" Linsen, the Filipino star midlaner, racked up 13 kills and 13 assists with just four deaths. 

Elephant was forced to call GG when a siege down the bottom lane resulted in a four-man wipe for Evil Geniuses, ending the match in 39 minutes and 45 seconds. 

Evil Geniuses did not hesitate at all in destroying one of the promising teams in China 

Now they will have to face another Chinese team later, and we shall find out if the Chinese are really the dominants here in the TI10. 


Place your bets here

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