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Dota2 The International 10: Lower Bracket R2

Mary C

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Dota2 The International 10: Lower Bracket R2


Team Spirit vs Fnatic (Live at 9:00 PM PST, Oct 13)


Team Spirit gave us a disappointing performance over Invictus Gaming despite their comeback in game 1. 

They were up 10k gold in game 2 and did not seize the opportunity to choke the opponents and close the game. Invictus Gaming managed to comeback with Morphling and Ember Spirit together with a BIG FAT DOOM, closing the game 2 in a fashionable way. Team Spirit's 3rd game was also a disappointing game; they were up (10-3) kills and were up 3k gold lead in just 10 minutes, and they managed to blow it away again. Final Score was (16-55) in 40 mins. Their inconsistency is what's going to get them to lose their TI Dream. 

Meanwhile, Team Fnatic's game against Team Undying was successful, having Raven play his 2nd favorite carry (Luna) and farmed pretty quickly to stop Timado's (Naga Siren). They finished the game in just 28 minutes, and they were performing consistently well, not giving them the long game that they wanted for Naga Siren to comeback. 

All in all we shall have a good match later, and we shall see if Team Fnatic can survive another day in the lower bracket since Team Spirit is also not performing well. 


OG vs Quincy Crew (Live at 12:00 AM PST, Oct 14)


OG's performance yesterday was not what we had expected on our minds. We thought they could give us a good game and could give Team Secret a hard time. But it seems that Team Secret is the one giving OG the hard time as they STOMP them easily in yesterday's brawl winning (2-0). 


Having Topson to play (Hoodwink) and giving his favorite mid hero (Monkey King) to their offlaner Ceb was not a good choice. The game ended quickly just under 28 minutes with the final score (5-42) with 28k gold on Team Secret. 


Natures Prophet carried the team to victory despite a deficit of 12k Gold. 

Quincy Crew did not surrender and was victorious! 

And later at the last game of the tournament 

The long awaited for the Brother vs Brother battle, Carry vs Carry, and we shall see who's the better Carry. 


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