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MLB: New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox | 15 August, 7:05 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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C | Jose Trevino 

FB | Anthony Rizzo 

SB | DJ LeMahieu 

S | Isaiah Kiner-Falefa 

TB | Josh Donaldson 

LF | Andrew Benintendi 

CF | Harrison Bader 

RF | Aaron Judge 

DH | Giancarlo Stanton 



C | Kevin Plawecki 

FB | Eric Hosmer 

SB | Trevor Story 

S | Xander Bogaerts 

TB | Rafael Devers 

LF | Tommy Pham 

CF | Enrique Hernandez 

RF | Alex Verdugo 

DH | J.D. Martinez 



One of the most cutthroat rivalries, not just in baseball, but in all American sports— it’s the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry in Major League Baseball. To this day, this fiery strife has carried on, no matter how far away they are from each other across the board. For their last game in their series of three on Monday, with game one already belonging to the Boston Red Sox, we’re more than certain of the lengths they’ll go to keep winning against their rivals. The question is, will the Yankees be able to maintain their glory before they run out of time? 7:05 AM at the Yankee Stadium, August 15, 2022.  

Visiting from the American League East, the Boston Red Sox won 3-2 in Saturday's game regardless of the lead the Yankees had during the early game. As if proving they’re not just a little detour into their journey back to being the kings of the MLB, Boston made sure they give the Yankees grief even though they rank all the way at 16th on the board. The Red Sox might definitely be the underdog on paper, but the Yankees have gone off the rails, quickly losing an important edge to their play. Michael Wacha, with an ERA of 2.69 and a WHIP of 1.11 is expected to pitch for Boston in game three.  

Despite playing home, the New York Yankees have submitted their first game to the Red Sox. Prior to that, they’ve also lost twice to the Seattle Mariners. They’re sliding down the ladder quite quickly, and Boston can easily take advantage of that plight if they play their cards right. Down to fourth in the league with 71-42, their most neck-and-neck rival, the LA Dodgers, have surpassed them and now presently reign with 78-33. Being so strong and consistent on top during the first half of the season, there’s a chance that they might have unfortunately peaked too early. Of their last 10 games, they’ve lost nine, and that’s not something you’d expect from the Yankees, let alone their opponents being the Mariners and Cardinals during those losses. Jameson Taillon is expected to pitch for the upcoming game with an IP of 120.2 and 18 HR. 

In the end, only one can come on top of the diamond in Yankee Stadium. One team is undoubtedly more chaotic than the other, and as surprising as it is during this part of the season, the Yankees are blowing it. We are gunning for the Boston Red Sox for game three, and we hope this fuels their rivalry even further to keep things exciting. All in a day’s work.  

7:05 AM (PST), Monday, 15 August  2022. Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY. 

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