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Premier League: Chelsea F.C. vs Tottenham Hotspurs | 14 August, 11:30 PM (PST) 

Mary C

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G | Kepa Arrizabalaga 

CB | Thiago Silva, Kurt Zouma 

L FB | Ben Chilwell 

R FB | Cesar Azpilicueta 

C MF | N’Golo Kanté, Mateo Kovacic 

A MF | Kai Havertz 

LW | Christian Pulisic 

RW | Hakin Ziyech 

S | Timo Werner 



G | Hugo Lloris 

CB | Joe Rodon, Eric Dier 

L FB | Sergio Reguilón 

R FB | Matt Doherty 

C MF | Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg 

L MF | Tanguy Ndombele 

R MF | Giovani Lo Celso 

W | Son Heung-Min, Lucas Moura 

CF | Harry Kane 



Across the EPL board, as the season has newly begun, Chelsea and Tottenham both share a win, yet the Hotspurs place first and Chelsea on the eighth. At present, Tottenham’s advantage is their four goals compared to Chelsea's lone goal, but then again, it’s barely considered an advantage this early on in the season. In the 2021-22’s season, Chelsea finished third with 21-11-6 while Tottenham finished right behind with 22-5-11.  


Though the two teams are not each other’s main rivals like Tottenham and Arsenal, they’ve had a particular rivalry, especially among fans, that dates back to the 1967 FA Cup Final wherein Spurs won 2-1. Succeeding that victory however, Tottenham seemed to have gotten cursed with a grim record at Stamford Bridge, only winning one of their last 37 matches, one of 37. Head coach, Antonio Conte, was in charge when two of the aforementioned defeats last season happened. Spurs lost 2-nil semifinal of the first leg of their League Cup. For this season, though, there’s quite the optimistic outlook seen in favor of the Spurs, even against Chelsea and the rest of the ‘big 6’. 


Alternatively, the warmth and optimism that the Tottenham Hotspurs are welcomed with this season do not surround the home team, Chelsea. The team’s new ownership inevitably led to changes in management and playmaking. These changes have put a sizable disadvantage on Chelsea, with some saying it has made them lose the edge that gave them the caliber to be European champions in the past. With their upcoming feat against the Spurs, these events may result in an uninspired performance.  


Chelsea may need to pull out something unexpected to shut their critics up, and luckily for them, it seems they already have. They just need to make sure it’s unpredictable enough for the Spurs to be unable to circumvent it. The supposed move coach Thomas Tuchel plans to pull is to swap Christian Pulisin for Roma’s Nicolo Zaniolo, who even Tottenham wants. Ultimately, swapped or not, we’ll stick our neck out and actually go against the Tottenham Hotspurs and follow Chelsea’s lead. While there are definitely changes that will rock their boat, it’s nothing the Stamford Bridge boys can’t handle.  


11:30 PM (PST), Sunday, August 14, 2022. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, UK.  


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