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DOTA2 The International 10: Main Event

Mary C

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747 LIVE DOTA2 The International 10: Main Event Bracket


The Dota 2 International 10 group stages are now complete, and we're on our way to the main event to see who will take home the largest share of the $40 million prize pool and the famous Aegis of Champions. 


747 LIVE DOTA2 The International 10: Upper Bracket  Playoffs R1

Coming up for our first game in the main stage: 


Invictus Gaming vs Team Spirit (Live at 3 PM PST) 

Invictus Gaming had a marvelous performance with a semi perfect score standing winning 14 out of 16 matches in the group stages. 

Invictus Gaming only dropped 2 matches, losing to OG 1-1 and Team Undying 1-1. They are currently in their best form since their past TI matches. We can say that IG is worth your money, so let us see how far they bring us in the upper bracket. 


On the other hand, we couldn't believe the comeback that Team Spirit has made in the group stages! They lost all 4 matches in day 1 and a 2-2 on day 2. They were top 8 in group B just on the 2nd day pretty close to the 9th spot which was auto eliminated. They put up a very good show with TORONTOKYO having 1 match with RAMPAGE and another one with Ultra Kill and the last one got stolen by Yatoro. 


We can say that Invictus Gaming will be slightly ahead (65-35) against Team Spirit. But let us not count out anything yet, for number does not mean anything as this is the grandest of the tournament. 


Team Secret vs OG (Live at 5:30 PM PST) 

Team Secret had a shaky ending almost sending them to the lower bracket, but they've managed to just cling on by 1 pt. in the upper bracket. 

Their recent performance was 50-50. They were not consistent. It has been the same every year for Team Secret. 

They are very strong in other tournaments, but when it comes to TI, they just couldn't handle the pressure. 

Their match will start up against OG, who are performing surprisingly well, given that their history in the group stage was a nightmare in TI8 and TI9.  

OG has been consistently good, and they have adjusted pretty quickly with KING Sumail and are the favorites here in the Upper Bracket together with PSG.LGD.  

Team Secret vs OG is a must-watch game. Winning rate wise, people voted for OG winning the series, but our hearts say Team Secret! 

Can OG pursue their dream of back-to-back to back TI Champions? Or will Team Secret grab themselves a victory and advance to the Upper Bracket Round 2? 

747 LIVE DOTA2 The International 10: Lower Bracket  Playoffs R1


Next up are the teams in the lower bracket and will be played in a BO1 Series starting off at 8:30 PM PST! 


Team Undying vs Fnatic (Live at 8:30 PM PST) 

Team Undying won 9 out of 16 matches in the group stage. 

A rather good performance for a team in their caliber! 

They have shown us what they can do and what they can achieve. They just have to execute it properly. The most important thing that's lacking from them is their communication when clashing. It happened numerous times already when they have the gold lead in the early stage and then just lost it in the mid game up to the long game. They did not communicate properly on what they want to achieve in the game. Communication is a major key to winning team fights. 

Winning early stages of the game and then losing it slowly over the time showed that Team Fnatic has really been struggling. 

In one of Fnatic's match against PSG.LGD, they were already leading a 10k net worth and then just choked the game in the long run, thus losing all team fights right after. Many fans were disappointed in their performance in the group stage. 

But like I said, in the lower bracket BO1 series, anything can happen! 


Quincy Crew vs Team Aster (Live at 9:30PM PST) 

Quincy Crew appeared to be a weak team in the group stage, and they were one of the favorites to exit the competition before the final day. However, on the final game day of the group stage of The International 10, the team rallied and earned two victories, allowing them to move up to sixth position in the group. If the win over SG was expected, the victory versus Elephant came as a complete shock. After all, China's team is one of the best in the competition. Nonetheless, the Quincy Crew's performance was unimpressive, and even their lone victory over the tough Chinese did not change the team's mindset. 


Team Aster had the potential to go well in this competition and was obviously in contention for the top playoff slot even before it began. The boys, on the other hand, are having no luck. First, the team had to play without their midfielder. There are now reports that the entire team is unwell and not playing at their best. It was perfectly proven in the group stage as Team Aster fared horribly. This is a fantastic opportunity for their current opponents to drop out, but Quincy Crew were so bad in the group stage that the upcoming match appears completely unpredictable. 


Both teams struggled in the group stage and did not perform to their full potential. Nonetheless, Quincy Crew has looked a little better in recent rounds while the Chinese team has too many issues, and they have only won two maps versus Thunder in their previous four games, thus failing to qualify for the competition. 


Beastcoast vs Alliance (Live at 10:30PM PST) 

BeastCoast got off to a great start in the event, and they were on their way to the top of the standings. Nonetheless, their previous encounters were not without flaws as they finished fifth in Group B. BeastCoast has failed to win any of their last four games with two draws and two losses. The boys lost a crucial group game to Team Spirit, and they looked dreadful in the game, especially the team's midfield. Nonetheless, the team will now face an easier opponent, allowing them to play, and if BeastCoast does not fill up the drafts, they will win as they appear to be more capable in terms of play than their current opponent. 

Alliance had one successful DPC season, and that was the team's last. The squad has been scoring poorly in recent months, and it's strange that they were unable to turn things around before The International 10. The boys, on the other hand, had plenty of time. The International 10 Alliance's group stage was badly organized. The team ended last but one spot in Group A with only one win out of eight matches. Even Loda has stated in interviews that the Thunder's failure helped the team into the playoffs. The organization's CEO recognizes that his team is among the poorest in the competition. To be honest, I don't think Alliance will be able to defeat any of the tournament's remaining opponents. It will be a miracle. 


Evil Geniuses vs Elephant (Live at 11:30PM PST) 



We'll see Evil Geniuses vs. Elephant for elimination in a highly intriguing and interesting encounter. One of these teams will finish 13-16th. 

Evil Geniuses notably struggled in the group stage, finishing sixth in group "A" with three wins, three ties, and two losses. Elephant's condition is really no better; with two wins, two draws, and four losses, they were on the verge of being ousted from Group B. 

This is an unreal match in terms of the sign and names, and it's a shame that some of these players will take 13-16 places. 

Based on the group stage, the favorites will be Evil Geniuses, but the experience of the Chinese players should affect. Elephant is composed of 5 of the best players with their respective roles, so never count them out as this game is just 1 BO1 series. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! 


The Dota 2 action during the Main Event is expected to be the greatest in the last two years. As the Main Event kicks off on October 12th, 2021, there could be some heated upper bracket brawls among teams like Team Secret and OG, and perhaps some suspenseful lower bracket games like Evil Geniuses vs Elephant. On October 17th, we will be seeing the creation of history when the grand final takes place and the tenth Dota 2 World Champion is crowned. 

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