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Dota2 PGL Arlington Major 2022

Mary C

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Around the corner is the third and final DOTA 2 Major of the year, which is now returning to North America after a 10-year absence. 


17 of the top teams in the world will compete in Arlington, Texas, for $500K which will serve as their final opportunity to earn DPC Points. 


Here is all the information you need to know about the PGL Arlington Major. 


DOTA 2 Arlington Major Schedule 

The DOTA 2 Third Major of 2022 will take place in Arlington, Texas, from August 4 to August 14, 2022. 


The final stage of the competition will be in the Esports Stadium. Unfortunately, there are no more tickets for the event, but there's plenty of room to watch it online! 


Qualified Teams in the DOTA 2 Arlington Major 

The Major will have 17 teams instead of 18. Like in previous tournaments, this year, teams are having problems securing traveling VISAS. 


Xtreme Gaming, the Chinese team, withdrew from the tournament entirely due to these issues while other teams will have to play with stand-ins. 


Fnatic will have three substitutions. Entity, Royal Never Give Up, Thunder Awaken, Talon Esports, and OG will also replace members of their squads. 


The 16 teams will be divided into 2 groups: 


Group A 

Group B 

Fnatic (SEA) 

Team Spirit (East Europe) 

PSG.LGD (China) 

Team Aster (China) 

OG (West Europe) 

Tundra (Western Europe) 

Quincy Crew (NA) 

Beastcoast (South America) 

Talon Esports (SEA) 

Entity (Western Europe) 

Thunder Awaken (South America) 

Boom Esports (SEA) 

Team Liquid (West Europe) 

Evil Geniuses (NA) 

Royal Never Give Up (China) 


Outsiders (East Europe) 



Tournament Format 

  • The top four teams from each Group compete in a single match to advance to the playoffs' upper bracket. 

  • The final two positions will be eliminated, and the fifth and sixth place finishers will move to the lower bracket. 

  • For the Main Stage, playoff series will be competed in a best-of-three format. 

  • The tournament's Grand Finals will then be a best-of-five series. 


DOTA 2 Arlington Major Prize Pool 

The Stockholm Major will have a $500,000 prize pool as well as 4,570 DPC points to be distributed as follows: 

  • 1st $200k – 820 DPC Points 

  • 2nd $100k – 740 DPC Points 

  • 3rd $75k – 670 DPC Points 

  • 4th $50k – 590 DPC Points 

  • 5th-6th $25k – 515 DPC Points 

  • 7th-8th $12.5k – 360 DPC Points 

Although the prize money is quite alluring, for some teams, the DPC Points awarded by the competition represent their only opportunity to ensure an entrance to The Singapore International 2022 where the true prize pool awaits. 

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