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TI Group Stage Day 1

Mary C

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TI Group Stage Day 1

by: Wilson C

TI Group Stage Day 1 Series A1


We are so happy to announce that Valve has posted its schedule for today's games! 

Starting off in Series A1 

Battling in a best of 2 matches 

We have 4 games starting at 3 PM PST! 

#1 EG vs. Aster 

EG will surely be ahead as they are comfortable in their gaming room, winning most of their scrimmage matchups.  

On the other hand, Team Aster has yet a lot to prove coming in their first game for The International 10 as this is their first time ever participating in the TI. 

Team Aster will surely feel the pressure as they will be having a slight problem with communications because the members were found positive for COVID-19. Now, they are isolated in each room, but valve said that they will give them all the equipment needed to be able to continue their matchup for today. 


#2 Invictus Gaming vs. T1  

Coming in The International 10, Invictus Gaming is the 2nd team to be tested positive for COVID-19. They are also isolated in their own rooms and will be given the right equipment so that the match will still be played. Invictus Gaming is also one of the feared teams in China and is the current 3rd best team in China.  

T1 is a promising team from Southeast Asia and is currently uprising to the Dota industry. The team plays with very aggressive picks but executes it properly. They do not care who their opponents are as long as they pick their comfortable heroes. 

This match will be crazy, and we cannot say who is ahead as both teams are equal! 


#3 Virtus Pro vs. Team Undying 

Virtus Pro is on fire if you are watching their past games as they sit on #3 in Dota Pro Circuit. 

They have many young talents like GPK who is now Europe's #1 player in Dota 2 Leaderboards. There are indeed so many potentials in Virtus Pro, but let us hope that they will not choke like what happens every TI for the past 3 years for Virtus Pro. 

Team Undying, on the other hand, are also well-prepared coming in for TI10. But we hope that their cockiness will not get the better of them. We hope that they will change their mindset and their gameplay coming in TI10 as this opportunity is very hard to get. 

Virtus Pro will surely be ahead and can stomp them easily, but if Team Undying is focused and their strategies are well-executed, we cannot say what will happen as this is TI10. Anything can happen!  


#4 OG vs. Alliance 

SumaiL vs. Nikobaby 

OG ranks #35 in DPC points. From this, we can all say that they are struggling with their lineup. But all it takes for them to qualify for TI10 was to defeat Nymga in lower bracket finals (2-1) and Tundra Esports (3-2). 

They have not shown us the gameplay that they used to execute like when they were playing for TI8 and TI9. 

The back-to-back champions always have a Cinderella story. 

First, they struggle and lose easy matchups that they should have won, but when the momentum is theirs, nothing can stop them. 

On the other hand, Alliance is Sweden's best team. They have come so far just to be placed 13-16th like in TI9. 

Nikobaby will be very prepared, and we hope that he can show us who the boss is in the Carry role. He is like a shark who is hungry for food, hungry for kills. 

Among the 4 matchups in Series A1, this will be the most EXCITING MATCH. 


TI Group Stage Day 1 Series B1

Series B1 

Battling in a best of 2 matches 

We have 4 games starting at 5 PM PST!  


#1 Team Secret vs. Team Spirit 

Team Secret has been quiet for the past TI's finishing 4th place in TI9 when they were hoping to lift the Aegis. 

Their recent performance in the 2021 tournaments is not that great, not for TI performance. But teams do make mistakes. Let us hope Team Secret will play out their best in TI10, and Puppey can finally be a 2-time champion as he is the only player left who attended from TI1 up to TI10. 

Team Spirit, on the other hand, is a very young team with a very much raw potential. Yatoro, for example, is an excellent carry when supported properly on his lanes. He can turn around team fights and can comeback even when they far behind. 

This game will matter in the executions and the gameplay of their support. Which team can protect their cores and in the same time attack and disrupt the opponent’s cores? 


#2 PSG.LGD vs. Quincy Crew 

PSG.LGD is the favorite in the tournament to win. They are the current best team in the world and have the highest chance of becoming TI10 champions with 18.86% probability. 

They will surely show us a dominant gameplay all throughout the TI10. 

Better watch out for PSG.LGD. 

Quincy Crew is a typical team. The way they play can sometimes be very good or very bad. They are not consistent when playing with the other big teams, and sadly for the QC fans, their first matchup is against the Chinese Titans. 

Let us just hope QC can adjust their gameplay to PSG.LGD's level. 

PSG.LGD will surely be ahead in terms of, oh wait, EVERYTHING. 


#3 Elephant vs. Beastcoast 

We all thought that Elephant will be the #1 team in China because of their 5 superstars that Elephant recruited. 

This team really has a lot of potential, but they do not have the right strategy and mindset to execute it properly. 

They almost did not qualify in the China Regional Qualifiers and were lucky that in the Grand Finals Ehome made many mistakes. 

We hope to see Elephant play with their best because it will really be fun to watch them explore new strategies. 

Beastcoast, on the other hand, is still quite struggling with their hero choices. 

They have no definite hero pools to play with and no backup hero pools in case their heroes get banned. 

They all rely on k1 to farm efficiently and hopefully that he can carry the team. 

That kind of system is good when you are playing against tier 2 to tier 3 teams, but when it comes to tier 1 teams, you better give your best shot. 

Elephant will surely be ahead, and this game will be a stomp. But if k1 can pick his comfortable heroes and has the space to farm, then things will be different! 


#4 Vici Gaming vs. Fnatic 

Of all the 4 games in Series B1, this game is the most balance. 

Vici Gaming and Fnatic have been great in the past few tournaments. Both teams have the same kind of aggressive strategy, so they will surely show us a good matchup. It will just be depending on which teams can execute it faster with the right timings of their items and in the right situations. 

Both teams will mostly be clashing with each other, and we can say that they may tie this series of bo2. 


We will update this post later for the next series of games. Please keep posted!

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