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MLB: New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox | 18 July, 1:35 AM (PST) 

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C | Kyle Higashioka 

FB | Anthony Rizzo 

SB | DJ LeMahieu 

S | Isaiah Kiner-Falefa 

TB | Josh Donaldson 

LF | Joey Gallo 

CF | Aaron Hicks 

RF | Aaron Judge 

DH | Giancarlo Stanton 



C | Christian Vazquez 

FB | Bobby Dalbec 

SB | Trevor Story 

S | Xander Bogaerts 

TB | Rafael Devers 

LF | Alex Verdugo 

CF | Enrique Hernandez 

RF | Jackie Bradley Jr. 

DH | J.D. Martinez 

The third fixture of the three-game series between the Yankees and Red Sox will take place this Monday, July 18, at the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York. After a win off their first game against the Yankees, will Boston’s Red Sox be able to produce the same results against the MLB’s top dog from New York? Or will the Yankees show them that you don’t get lucky twice? Here’s what we think: 


Currently, the New York Yankees still hold their first place spot in the American League East with a winning percentage of .689, 62 wins, and 28 losses. However, it is starting to look like the Bombers may be slipping off their thrones as they have only won four of their last ten games, placing the Yankees in a pretty tight spot, but still a ways ahead of the other teams in the AL East. In terms of players, Aaron Judge continues to lead the Yankees with a batting average of .274 and 31 home runs. In terms of injuries players for the Yankees as of the 15th of July, they’ve got Miguel Andujar (Day-to-day), Miguel Castro (Day-to-day), Aaron Hicks (Day-to-day), and Josh Donaldson (Day-to-day) sustaining a couple of minor injuries.  


As for the latest victor, the Red Sox were able to end their dreary four-game losing streak by defeating the Yankees. They are now tied with the Toronto Blue Jays for the AL Wild Card’s third spot. That’s a pretty sizeable comeback if you ask us! Currently, they still stand in third place in the AL East with 48 wins and 43 losses, creeping up behind the Rays in second place. When looking at their rooster, Rafael Devers has played a big part in guiding the Red Sox to their victories with a batting average of .326 and 21 home runs. Trevor Story holds an RBI of 58, and Xander Bogaerts holds an on-base percentage of .392. With a rooster strong enough to carry out a handful of wins, along with their latest victory against the Yankees, the team is confident in their upcoming fixture.  


Alas, as bats go swinging and balls go flying this Monday, will all things considered, it will be an exciting game that will keep everyone on his or her toes. While we expect the match to be neck-and-neck, we see the Yankees come on top in the end. Saturday’s loss serves as a reminder to the Yankees, and frankly all of us, that being on top doesn’t mean you won’t have your fair share of adversity. Their recent loss is bound to fire them up for retribution this time around, and this time it’s for the Yankees to take home. 


1:35 AM (PST), Monday, 18 July 2022. Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY. 

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