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UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2022: Denmark vs Spain | 17 July, 3:00 AM (PST)  

Mary C

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GK | Lene Christensen 

 RFB | Stine Ballisager 

RCB | Rikke Sevecke 

LCB | Katrine Veje 

LFB | Sara Thrige 

 LCM | Sofie Junge 

DM | Kathrine Kühl 

RCM | Janni Thomsen 

RW | Janne Madsen 

CF | Pernille Harder 

LW | Signe Bruun 



GK | Sandra Paños 

 RFB | Ona Batlle 

RCB | Irene Paredes 

LCB | María Pilar León 

LFB | Leila Ouahabi 

 LCM | Aitana Bonmatí 

DM | Patricia Guijarro 

RCM | Mariona Caldentey 

RW | Esther González 

CF | Nahikari García 

LW | Athenea del Castillo 


Hungry after their victory over Finland, Denmark is ready to battle it out with Spain for match day three of Group B in the UEFA Women's EURO 2022. The upcoming match will take place this Sunday, July 17, 3 A.M (PST) at the Brentford Community Stadium in Brentford, West London, UK.  


At the moment, Spain stands just one spot ahead of Denmark with one win, zero draws, one loss, and a GF (goals for) of four, leading them to only need at least one point to get out of group B. However, in their previous matches, Spain has not started their matches to manager Jorge Vilda’s standards, falling behind Finland within a mere 49 seconds of kick-off previously in the tournament. Despite this, Spain is still a more technical team than they always were and can keep the ball away from their opponents consistently throughout their matches. La Roja just needs to work on their ability to seize any opportunities for a goal successfully, and they should be able to play a good game against Denmark this upcoming match.  


Denmark, on the other hand, hasn’t completely exhibited their capabilities yet despite their win against Finland. Around 2017, they qualified for the semifinals, but there’s not much belief in them to outdo the Netherlands at the present day. Their greatness during the EURO 2017 proves how they should not be casted aside with such judgment. However, they can maintain this underdog facade to their advantage. Denmark just needs to make certain that they’ve learned from their mistakes at the hands of Germany to best Spain in the upcoming fixture. 


Ultimately, there’s a more likely victor arising from this pair. While Denmark’s success in 2017 isn’t to be discredited, they haven’t shown higher distinction and eminence among their competitors, Spain in particular. To own this game and claim victory, Spain just needs to better recognize and carry out clear-cut opportunities because if not, Denmark might just surprise them like they did the world in 2017. Spain has displayed better vigor and mastery of the sport this season. It’s Spain’s game this Sunday, July 17, 2022. 


3 AM (PST), Sunday, 17 July 2022. Brentford Community Stadium, West London, UK. 

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