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UEFA WOMEN'S EURO 2022: France vs Italy | 11 July, 3:00 AM (PST) 

Mary C

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G | Pauline Peyraud-Magnin 

 D | Eve Perisset, Sakina Karchaoui, Marion Torrent, Griedge Mbock Bathy 

 MF | Clara Mateo, Charlotte Bilbault, Sandle Toletti 

F | Kadidiatou Diani, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Delphine Cascarino 



G | Laura Giuliani 

 D | Sara Gama, Elena Linari, Lisa Boattin 

 MF | Arianna Caruso, Manuela Giugliano, Valentina Cernoia 

F | Valentina Bergamaschi, Cristiana Girelli, Barbara Bonansea 


Being primarily expected to dominate this upcoming UEFA event, France will be aiming to start the tournament with a win. Italy, on the other side of the field, is definitely plotting to cause some ruckus at the New York Stadium. July 11th, 3 AM Philippine Standard Time at Rotherham in South Yorkshire. 


The success of Lyon in the UEFA Women’s Champions League final this season has positively emphasized the caliber and potential that France carries in their seventh consecutive Women’s EURO. They still have to work their way through the quarterfinals, but there is immense talent in their current squad, so it’s not an impossible feat.  


As France is the favored team, Italy will likely attempt to play precisely and intelligently. Italy has strength in maintaining defensive discipline, remaining compact, and exploiting France’s mistakes to the fullest. Italy has definitely seen better days, but they’ve been on the road back to glory, and they won’t be caving into their opponents so easily. 


Ultimately, Italy has definitely shown that they have what it takes to win among the best in Europe with their recent win against Spain. However, if we put them side by side with France, we see them cutting it short when it comes to the number of superb players competing for France. France’s squad is ranked third best in international football by FIFA as of late and that’s because they are consistently improving in the game. This is France’s seventh consecutive qualification for the tournament wherein they reached the quarterfinals in each of the last three. With that, we have to vouch for France this time. 


3 AM (PST), Monday, 11 July 2022. New York Stadium, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

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