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MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs | 11 July, 4:10 AM (PST) 

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C | Will Smith 

FB | Freddie Freeman 

SB | Gavin Lux 

S | Trea Turner 

TB | Justin Turner 

LF | Chris Taylor 

CF | Cody Bellinger 

RF | Mookie Betts 

DH | Max Muncy 



C | Van Gomes 

FB | Frank Scwindel 

SB | Nick Madrigal 

S | Nico Hoerner 

TB | Patrick Wisdom 

LF | Ian Happ 

CF | Christopher Morel 

RF | Trent Grisham 

DH | Willson Contreras 



4:10 AM on Monday, we’ll be starting our week right with the last Chicago Cubs versus Los Angeles Dodgers game. Having games one and two secured, the Dodgers are on a strong winning streak of five. The Cubs are on their last two chances for retaliation, and it’s time to see whether they can make the cut. Still playing home, this fixture will take place at the Dodger Stadium courtesy of the LA Dodgers. 


The Cubs are showing some teeth this time around. They were ahead by three points in game two, but the Dodgers pulled quite the crafty comeback with Will Smith’s winning single. 


Will Smith concluded the game with an RBI single in the bottom of the 10th inning after Freddie Freeman's critical two-out scoop at first base held the Cubs off the board in the top half of the inning. The catalyst for the Dodgers’ late-game comeback was the pitcher’s block. The entire rally might not have happened if pitcher Tyler Anderson hadn't blocked home plate when he received a lowered shoulder from Cubs baserunner Ian Happ. 


After that nail-biter, game three is to follow and therefore game four. The greatest chance for the Cubs to beat the Dodgers is in game three as they get into the groove of how the LA team plays. This Monday, however, with the amount of finesse the Dodgers have shown so far, it’s only going to get better with Julio Urias pitching. The Cubs will make it harder for the Dodgers with these last two games, but it’s unlikely for them to pull it off with the amount of quality players present and at the top of their game from the Dodgers. Game four is the Dodgers’ game, and we expect nothing less but a full sweep for this series in favor of them. 


4:10 AM (PST), Monday, 11 July 2022. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. 

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