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Deposit problem


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9 hours ago, nojra said:

Cant receive my deposit .


Gcash# 09813935775

Agent# 09665824974

Amount : 1200

Username: Nojrah01

I.d no. 88192358


Thank you for your cooperation and this concern is now forwarded to the respective team. Please give us time to give action to this concern. For now, we will close our conversation and we will update you once our team has responded. Thank you. 

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11 hours ago, nojra said:

How ? What do you mean retransact? 

Hi, good day! Thank you for patiently waiting and apologies for this inconvenience. After further checking with your concerned cash in request, it seems that your cash in order didn't go thru in our system. Thus, there was no cash in order the system was able to processed.


No worries, to fix this, just request again for a cash in order with the same amount and mode of payment, but this time, please do not proceed to payment since you have paid an amount og 1,200 thru  GCash already. Just simply log in to your 747 account > DEPOSIT section > Enter the 1,200 amount > SUBMIT > YES.


Again, please do not proceed to make another payment. If you're being redirected to GCash Tab/Maya Tab asking your account number, just please disregard.


Once done, please let us know so we could process again your cash in request.

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