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How to play: Monopoly Live

Mary C

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How to play: Monopoly Live


Monopoly Live is a one-of-a-kind live internet version of the wildly popular board game. The core game's goal is straightforward: a live game host spins the super-sized, vertically mounted wheel, and players anticipate where section the wheel will stop after the spin, all while the virtual Mr. Monopoly sits nearby, ready to jump into action.


The wheel includes 'CHANCE' segments for quick cash winnings and multipliers, as well as '2 ROLLS' and '4 ROLLS' segments, in addition to the option to bet on the wheel ending on a specific number. These latter segments activate a 3D Bonus game based on the adventures of Mr. Monopoly that uses augmented reality.




Basically, the wheel has 54 equal segments separated by pins.


48 of the segments on this wheel are numbered 1, 2, 5, and 10. If you bet on any of these numbers and the wheel lands on the same one, you'll get your money back.


For example: If you bet on 5 and it comes in, you'll win 5 times your bet.


Of course the higher the number, the fewer the times they appear on the wheel, here’s a full breakdown of how many times each number features:


1 - (Win 1x your stake) appears 22 times

2 - (Win 2x your stake) appears 15 times

5 - (Win 5x your stake) appears 7 times

10 - (Win 10x your stake) appears 4 times


What about the remaining six segments? They're the ones you're hoping the wheel will fall on! Rolls (2 and 4 rolls) and chance are the two segments. The number of times they occur are:


2 Rolls - (Launches 2 rolls of the dice on the board) appears 3 times

4 Rolls - (Launches 4 rolls of the dice on the board) appears 1 time

Chance - Appears 2 times 




There are six betting choices in Monopoly Live. You can choose between the four numbers: 1, 2, 5, and 10. And also place bets on either one of the 2 bonuses - 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.


The host spins the wheel. You have 12 seconds to place your bets.


If the wheel comes to a stop and the flipper points to a number and you placed a bet is on this number, your bet will be multiplied by the number. You will also receive your initial bet back.


The bonus becomes activated when the wheel hits on one of the bonuses. You will participate if you wager on the active bonus; if not, then you’ll just have to watch as the game continues.


Mr. Monopoly builds some multipliers before the dice are thrown. He will roll two dice and take as many steps on the board as the total of the dice. An extra throw is added if a double is thrown.


If you win, the prize will be added to your account right away. The following round begins after that.




The bonus round begins when the wheel falls on a 2 or 4 roll segment. Mr. Monopoly himself will jump out of his armchair and bring the players into an immersive 3D Monopoly universe, which is where the real fun begins.


If the wheel landed on 2 rolls, you'll get two dice rolls; if the wheel fell on 4 rolls, you'll get four dice rolls.


Mr. Monopoly will walk a certain number of steps for each roll of the dice, and he will collect prizes wherever he stops. Similar to the original game, each property has its own price.


Your original stake will be multiplied by the amount of money Mr. Monopoly has collected around the board; for example, if you roll a 2 and land on a 5x and a 6x, your total bet will be multiplied by 11x.


Double Dice: Players will gain an additional roll on the bonus round board if they hit any doubles during dice rolls; there is no limit to how many additional rolls you may receive.


Passing GO: All of the multipliers on the board will be doubled if the dice rolls are high enough for Mr. Monopoly to complete one full journey around the board before passing GO.


Unfortunately, the bonus game isn't all good; there are a few possible dangers. Players should be careful of some evil squares scattered over the board, which could cause you to suffer.


Go to Jail: If Mr. Monopoly lands on the Go to Jail square, a double must be rolled on the dice in order to continue playing; if this isn't accomplished, everyone will take the bonus winnings. However, it is not to be big!


Income Tax: Unfortunately, if a Mr. Monopoly lands on Income Tax, the player's winnings would be cut by 10%.


Super Tax: If Mr. Monopoly lands on Super Tax, the player's winnings will be reduced by 20%.




Monopoly Live offers the chance to win big money, which is why it is so popular with gamers all over the world, with thousands logging in and playing at all hours of the day.


Regardless of how you choose to play Monopoly Live, It is recommended to bet on the 2 and 4 roll segments, since the bonus round may be highly profitable.


Are you ready to play some Monopoly? Click here and start winning!

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