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DPC SEA Division 1 - FNATIC vs Exctn | Jan 15, 4PM

Mary C

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DPC SEA Division 1 - FNATIC vs Exctn | Jan 15, 4PM


Fnatic is a well-established team that has won numerous tournaments and awards over the course of its history. The team now competes in Southeast Asia and is regarded as a difficult rival for any Dota 2 grandmaster. In the last two games at DPC 2022 Season 1: SEA Upper Division, the international team defeated not the weakest enemies in OB.Neon (2:0) and Motivate.Trust Gaming, but the international team did win two matches (2:1). Fnatic players have nine points in their possession following five matches and are fourth in the standings. 


Execration members do not have the same high-profile triumphs as their latest competitor; however, they are not the only force in Dota 2, and they have a respectable solid reputation. The Filipino team has scored six points and is sixth in the total rankings after five encounters at DPC 2022 Season 1: SEA Upper Division, finishing the first six lucky players who make it to the playoffs. The team fell to T1 (0:2), who are second in the standings, in the last match, with little chance of triumph. 


The teams are well-known to one another, having faced 22 times in head-to-head contests in their respective histories. The international team has a huge lead, since Fnatic has managed to win 16 games and lost just five against the adversary. The Filipinos were weaker on three maps over their last battle, which took place in August of last year (1:2). 


From a competitive standpoint, the rivals are not in danger of missing the playoff stage, and this team has no specific purpose in the game. Execration, on the other hand, will aim to safeguard itself from possible risks and will only focus on winning, wanting to redeem last season's setback.  


It’s FNATIC vs Execration match-up this afternoon, January 15 at 4PM in the Dota Pro Circuit SEA Region Division 1.  


Feel the action and stand for your team by placing your bets exclusively at 747 Live. 

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