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Here we go with another great, one of a kind giveaway by 747!

At 747, we will be rewarding the best 5000 (five thousand) players on October 15, and you will win 13.7 million pesos (equivalent to 250k US$).

Let's see how it works.

Players' info:
Qualifying Players: 747 Live only (See my video where I explained the differences with other tournaments/jackpots.)
Players' Jackpot: 11,030,500 php
Number of Winners: 5,000
Eligible Activities: July 15th to October 15th 2022, all bets of any amount
Mode of Payment: Cash or Crypto
Registration: All players can automatically participate.
Hints: Keep playing with the same account. (See the important note below.)

  1.  550,000.00 x1
  2.  280,000.00 x1
  3.  56,000.00 x1
  4.  42,000.00 x1
  5.  28,000.00 x1
  6.  25,000.00 x1
  7.  22,000.00 x1
  8.  19,500.00 x1
  9.  17,000.00 x1
  10.  11,000.00 x1
  11.  2,000.00 x4990

Agents' info:
Agents' Jackpot: 2,757,625
Mode of Payment: Cash or Crypto 
Number of Winners: Up to 4 agents for each winning player
Each RM wins extra 3% of the total amount won by his/her players.
Each CM wins extra 5% of the total amount won by his/her players. 
Each AM wins extra 7% of the total amount won by his/her players. 
Each AG wins extra 10% of the total amount won by his/her players. 

On August 1st, August 16th, September 1st, September 15, October 1st and October 16th, we will publish the players' leaderboard.

Each player gets a leaderboard score every 15 days based on:

  • Sport Bet Amount (how much the player has bet on sport in the 15 days)
  • Casino Bet Amount (how much the player has bet on casino in the 15 days)
  • Wagering Amount (how many times the player has wagered his/her deposit amount)
  • Experience Factor (old registered accounts will get an extra boost for the score. As an exception to the classic leaderboard, newly registered players will not be penalized.) 

The score that each player gets at the end of each period is summed up to the one he gets on next period and so on until the end (Oct 15th). The resulting score is the user's final score for the October Leaderboard. The top 5000 players (and their agents) will win the cash prizes. 

Important Info: If a player's activity (also called improvement) falls below 95% compared to the previous period (the player has stopped playing), the previous score will be reduced of 95%. This means that players should use the same account to play to get more chances of winning.

Example 1: 
Period 1 - score: 100
Period 2 - score: 90
You will get 190 points 

Example 2:
Period 1 - score: 100
Period 2 - score: 4
You will get 5+4= 9 points

This rule is set to favorite regular players rather than  big occasional bettors that would outperform regular bettors.

All data will be published at the end of every period with the details of the current score for each player.

You can check here for more info on how the leaderboard works.

Update!! Temporary leaderboard attached:


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