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Everybody will take points based on 4 factors:


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An amount of points will be assigned to everybody who has been active during the cutoff period. First cut off period is from 1 to 15, and the second is from 16 to 31.

Everybody will take points based on 4 factors:

  1. Sport Bet (turnover)
  2. Casino Bet 
  3. Real Active Players
  4. Wagering 

In order to value the pioneer agents, the scored points will be multiplied by the experience factor.


Sport Bet: The average sport bet amount of the 30% best performing agents is taken, and this is the Top30-Average. Then, a score from 0 to 10 is assigned to you based on how your bet amount compares to the Top30-Average. If your bet amount is equal to the said average, you will take 10 points. If it's double, you will take 20 points, and so on, up to a max of 1000 points.

Casino Bet: Same as per the Sport Bet but considers only the casino bets

Real Active Players work similarly. This time, the Top30-Average is calculated based on the number of real active players, and then you will take points based on how the number of your active players compares to the Top30-Average.  You will get 10 points if the number of your active players exactly matches the Top30-Average. The maximum points you can get is 1000. 

Wagering is the number of times that 1 deposited coin is bet and bet again: turnover divided by deposit amount. For example, if you deposit 1 peso, you bet, and you win 2; then, you bet 2, and you lose all; then, the wagering is 3 (turnover) / 1 (deposit) = 3. As for the other two factors, your wagering is compared with the Top30-Average, and points are assigned to you based on that. You will take 10 points if your score exactly matches the average. The maximum number of points is 10.

The experience factor goes from -0.5 (in case you just signed up as agent) to 0.5 in case you have been with 747 for a long time. A factor of 0.5 will be assigned to the oldest agent, and all the other agents will have a score proportional to the date they signed up. 

The experience factor will make a big difference. Let's see an example:

Agent Marc signed up on 1st May 2022, and he has the following points:

Bet: 10

Real Active Players: 15

Wagering: 15

= 40 points Very good!

Experience factor: -0.2 (because he just  signed up)

Because his experience factor is negative, he will get 40 - 40 * 0.2 = 40 - 8 = 32.

Agent John signed up on 1st Jan 2021, and he has the following points:

Bet: 8

Real Active Players: 10

Wagering: 10

= 28 points Ok.

Because of his experience, he gets an experience factor of 0.5, so he will get: 28 + 28 * 0.5 = 42 which is much higher than Marc.

This is very good for long lasting loyal agent because I want to create a place where performance is valued during the time and not one cutoff only.

Finally, the scores of the first cutoff and the scores of the second cutoff are summed up and make the total score. Based on this, agents are rewarded.

The number of rewarded agents and the jackpot will vary month by month based on the total casino revenue.

Agents who take this bonus will not take any other bonus for the same period.


The new leaderboards are showing the Improvement columnThis indicates how much the score has increased in the current period compared to the previous period. If the Improvement is -100%, it means that the agent has stopped all the activities. If the Improvement shows 100%, it means that the agent has doubled all the factors compared to the previous period. The Improvement takes in consideration all the above detailed factors.

Differences between Agents, Area Managers and Players

Agents turnover, real players and so on are calculated on their direct players.

Area managers turnover, real players and so on are calculated on their total subnetwork. It includes the players belonging to their agents.

Players leaderboard only takes into account the bet amount (turnover), wagering and experience factor.


For more info about the players' leaderboard, read here.

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