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Mary C

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747 XL: Grow Bigger

Mary C



Think of your career as an agent at 747.


Probably you started at another casino, and then you decided to move on and finally joined 747.


Or maybe you have just decided to join 747.


Whether you are a successful agent or you may just be starting, you’ll still ask yourself:

       What’s next?

       What does the future hold for me?

       How will my efforts be rewarded?


If you are an established agent, you might be thinking, "How can I keep my agents and avoid that they leave catching better offers?"


If you are a new agent, you’ll probably think of looking for more, especially when you have a lot of players.


Should you stay here, or should you look further?


As an agent, you are working hard, trying to spread the word, and probably you have a good relationship with your top agent.

On one side, you want to continue fueling the relationship, but at the same time you also dream of taking your career to another level.


You might be thinking how you can build up that house with your wife or buy that piece of land you have always dreamed of.  Right?


How about giving a more stable future to your family and take your family to a trip they won’t forget?


All your dreams depend on your job career, and it’s up to you to decide whether you want to catch the opportunities or just let them pass.


At 747, we understand your desires and your ambition, and for this reason, we haven't given up working until we found a new, disruptive, never-seen-before way to let every agent climb up the path to his/her success: 747 XL!


747 XL program will benefit the steady growth of all our agents. It aims to support your goals and help you grow in your careers.


This program is designed to give our loyal and competent agents a way to expand and reward those top agents who help their agents grow faster.


Both will be rewarded financially and in terms of career growth.


With this, a set of guidelines is listed below to regulate the progress of each agent. Take note that these guidelines might be adjusted based on the demands of the community. Be updated on the adjustments on our official channels.


Upgrading Agent -> Area Manager



  • Must have an experience and knowledge
  • With reliable loading system
  • With proof of availability of worth Php100,000
  • Monthly network requirements as listed below:
    • 180 active players
    • 6M turnover or
    • 600,000 deposit and 7x wagering
  • At least 3 months loyalty: no dead period for 3 consecutive months
  • With complete understanding of the core values and branding of 747
  • No history of fraud activities such as cross betting and being reported by players
  • No cases of pirating players from other agents within the 747 community

Compensation after switching:

  • The agent that is upgraded to area manager will receive the minimum commission for this level for at least 2 months.
  • For at least 3 months, the city manager that hired the agent will pay 5% of the agent’s ANR to the previous area manager.



Upgrading Area Manager -> City Manager


  • Must follow the previous criteria (Agent -> Area Manager)
  • Proof of availability of worth Php 300,000
  • Monthly network requirements as listed below:
    • 2,000 active players
    • 60M turnover or
    • 6M deposit and 7x wagering
  • At least 5 months loyalty: no dead period for 3 consecutive months
  • Has deep understanding of the 747 core values, its branding, its policies and has the ability to explain the same to the sub-agents
  • Can track and report agents with cross betting cases
  • Was able to help at least 3 agents grow their careers

Compensation after switching:

  • The area manager that is upgraded to city manager will receive the minimum commission for this level for at least 2 months.
  • The regional manager that acquired the city manager will pay indicatively 5% of the area manager’s ANR to the previous city manager for 2 months.
  • After the second month, the regional manager will pay indicatively 2% of the new city manager’s ANR to the previous city manager for at least 1 month.



Upgrading City Manager -> Regional Manager


  • Must comply with all the previous criteria for upgrading (Area Manager -> City Manager)
  • Proof of availability worth PHP1M
  • Fully understands all the values and policies including the branding of 747, and enforces them to subnetwork 
  • Can implement tight rules to bring down cross bettors on the network 
  • Was able to help 5 area managers grow their careers 
  • Must spend at least 6 months of being an active city manager
  • Monthly network requirement as listed below:
    • 8000 active players
    • 240M turnover or
    • 24M deposit and 7x wagering
    • Minimum cash out 50,000 PHP
    • Settlements to/from admin in USDT/PHPT

Compensation after switching:

  • Rebate increase (tbd)
  • Other (tbd)



Procedure for Upgrading:

  • The agent who wants to be upgraded must verify to meet the criteria.
  • The agent must talk about his/her intentions to his/her top agent.
  • The agent must submit this form.
  • Once the form is submitted, it will be checked by the 747 admin.
  • The top agent is always informed.
  • If the criteria are met and the top agent approves, the agent is upgraded.
  • If the criteria are met and the top agent does not approve, 747 will do a negotiation between the agents.
  • If the criteria are not met, but problems arise between the agents, 747 will evaluate the case.


Definition of Terms

ANR: Agent Net Revenue. It is calculated as: Calculated Commission / Commission Plan * 100. For example, the calculated commission is 100000, the commission plan is 35%; the ANR is 100000/35 * 100 = 285714. This is ideally the net revenue developed by this agent to accrue the given commission. This should not be confused with the NGR which, itself, does not consider the commission rewarded to the sub-agents.

Active player: One player is considered active when he has at least:

  • 4 sportsbook bets OR 50 casino bets per week
  • 3500 PHP deposits and wagering >= 1 per week

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