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Mary C




Here in 747, your winnings can double!


This March, another big surprise has come! 747 is proud to announce our exclusive collaboration with Dragon Gaming — the biggest software provider that offers the most exciting and rewarding games in the market! 


To warm up the fun, we are launching a big promo that you can only get here in 747!


Bet Once, Double Your Money


From March 25 until March 31, seven winners will receive double of their winnings everyday! How?


Everyday for 7 days, 747 will take the top 7 winnings from a single bet in Dragon Gaming and we will double them. There is no minimum or maximum bonus to this. The amount depends on the player’s winnings. It must be kept in mind, however, that the bonus amount has to be wagered once before withdrawing. 


Each person can receive one bonus in one day and this bonus/winnings will automatically be reflected in the account the next day! The first 7 bonuses are paid on 26th of March, while the last 7 bonuses ought to be paid on the 1st of April.


All the player has to do to be eligible in this promo is to play any games under Dragon Gaming. Rise on top and 747 will reward you more! The prize pool for this is 5.9M pesos!!!


Play Responsibly


Seeing how addicting games can be, 747 still reminds its players to play responsibly. Bet once, bet twice, bet everyday if you want, but stay in control. Do not let the games consume you. Remember: You are the player — not the one being played. 


If you need any assistance or advice from your 747 family, do not hesitate to drop us a message! Playing is more fun when you are doing it right!



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