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How To Play Blast at 747 Live

Mary C




Get your cannons ready to blast you with a potential huge win!

Blast is a heart-stopping, animated game of making a bet on when the cannon ball will explode.

How To Play?

Once the players place their bets, the fun will start when the cannon shoots the ball up. The ball multiplies your bet as it goes up. The farther it goes, the higher the multiplier gets. Of course, you will want the ball to be as far as it can go. If the ball travels a longer distance, then it’s a huge prize for the player.

However, any moment, the ball will explode. When it explodes, the multipliers stop. The tricky part is that nobody knows when the multiplier will stop. Players have to decide to cash out before they lose their bets!

Now, the cannon balls await you! Double your bets. Shoot it up. Take higher risk and you will get a higher win!

Play here!

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